"More than learning about business strategy, cutting costs and optimization, The Company Doctors helps build character and gives confidence, that has made a world of difference for me, my company's profit, sustainability and future growth. Thanks"
Joe - Owner Bal-Tec

"I never knew my business even needed help. I was referred to TCD and was immediately blown away. They knew, after just a few questions, what my sales were and basically predicted the future for my company. The assessments and training materials included things I knew nothing about and certainly would have never learned on my own. I learned that we were losing money foolishly... practically daily. I thought we were on the right path before, but we were basically surviving and now we are striving. I can't say enough good things. Impressed!"
- David

Very helpful with sales and marketing. Keep up the great work of helping companies.

Personnel was very knowledgeable and helpful in fulfilling our needs.

Randy is very helpful and motivating. Its truly a blessing to have a company like this to be around to help our business to improve. Couldn't ask for a better helping hand.


Randy has been very helpful and responsive to our needs and questions in the areas of management cost control marketing and growth and product development. We look forward to work with him in the future.

Love Randy, he is great, helpful, and has a good understanding of business.

Thank you for all your help and support. It has led toincreased sales which resulted in 3 new hires. We will recommend it to other companies in the manufacturing industry.

This is a great program for the small manufacturer. We really appreciated the time given to us by Randy. He answered all of our questions and offered a lot of helpful information. He really understood our needs and opened our eyes to many possibilities.

So far the program has been very enlightening. We are only half way through it so I will let you know as we progress how things are going. We brought on a young guy to do sales for us and help implement our marketing plan that we are developing through this process. Thank you for your help.

We were lucky and found your services through referral from a business associate who was benefiting from your services. Perhaps you could ally yourselves with business bankers to identify other small business targets. Our consultant has many productive ideas and is very savvy.

Benefited from the knowledge expertise and support from a professional in the industry. New ideas creative thinking and advice that I will use towards increasing sales and expanding our business. Thank You.